In this section I want 2 tell u about how my work has developed over the years and
show u some ,what I consider important paintings of each period.
Let me also take this opportunity 2 thank all the people who bought my art over the
years,since I was never "pushed" by any gallery ,I consider myself a peopleīs artist
if it wasnīt  u, who accepted my work I couldnīt have done it....
early works
in the room with marilyn 1984

dream 1984

music 1984

let me go back to 1984 when I had my first studio.
I was living on Hilton Head Island,South Carolina.
At 19
I was considering a career as an artist 4 the first time.
My first medium was airbrush.
All the first works on display here were done on paper .
 studio floor 1984

on the beach with laura 1988

december 1988: I decided 2 leave Hilton Head 2 have my first exhibition in europe.So I

left the ocean and went back 2 vienna, where I was born and said "All or nothing"

Iīve been working as an artist ever since...

people in america always kept telling me to use my talent ...
I took it to my heart and this was what Iīve been looking for...
vienna studio
isabella    1990                           legs      1989                      marilyn channel     1990

were among the first works I did at my Vienna studio in the early 90`s

in the early 90īs I was experimenting
with different techniques and did a
series of  reliefs.


music  1990                              

acer computer   1990  mixed media relief
graphic series
extasy  1991                               splash  1991                       fatal attraction  1991
new directions
in 1991 I started with the "Hommage to marlene" series,which continued all the years until
reaching a climax at the 100 birthday celebration in berlin december 2001
                                                                      emotions  trilogy1992
laura  1992    the second version
using alot of blues and reds during this time
in 1992 my friend Johannes asked me to do a few paintings to fit his new restaurant in Boca
called CITRUS
voyeur   blue  1993
voyeur legs  1993                     voyeur  blue 2   1993             dietrich  grey   1993
the voyeurism series I did in 1993, the "DIETRICH " image I carried through all my periods

dietrich 1993
the first dietrich painting using technical
elements this version is still painted on wood
                    sonja kirchberger  1992                        the life of romy schneider 1992
                               jagger  1995                                                 richards   1995
I was beginning 2 use many layers of paint in these works, something what Iīve been doing
over the years and eventually led into the usage of many layers of silkscreenings today


                                                        nude 1995
                         nude 1995                                                                  nude 1997
loren I  1995

in 1995 I started a series of celebrities which

were signed by the featured artists,among them
Sophia Loren and Elton John

elton I   1995       

first silkscreen mixed medias
In 1997 I started 2 use silkscreening as a major part of my mixed media work.This featured
painting shows the first clear elements of screening.

marlene reichstag # 1   1997/ 98