Marlene Dietrich, Romy Schneider and Maria Callas.The  DIVAS Bar  has become a trademark of the  Savoy Hotel in Cologne.
This is the place, where stars, actors und journalists meet. When hotel owner Gisela Ragge planned to redesign the bar in the
late 90's, she asked Andreas Reimann to use the images of german film stars.
 In the process, Gisela Ragge and her designer Beate Lemmer agreed on Marlene, Romy and Callas. All three divas spent
part of their life in Paris and all three are female icons of the  20th century. The first part of the bar was developed in  1999
and has become a cult location in Cologne ever since.
In 2009 the bar was extended. To add more atmosphere to the room, lascivious image of Romy and Garbo were installed.
Gisela Ragge  wishes to establish a sensual atmosphere throughout the hotel.  "The most important thing", says  Ragge,
"is amazement".
       Working together with  Gisela Ragge  and  Beate Lemmer, the PARIS  pictures and the  GEISHA  themes developed. They now enhance
       many rooms in the Savoy Hotel. "The first meeting starts with the idea of the client, but at the end it might turn out something completely
       different", discribes   Reimann  the working process.  "Gisela Ragge  always emphasises how important it ist to get a sensual experience
       when entering a room". Only images that convey an atmosphere like a song or poem, are suitable, Reimann says.
    GEISHAS                           for the SAVOY HOTEL                                                                            2007
 GEISHA IN THE WOODS                                             digital C-Print on Plexi               from the Geisha series  2007
    I LOVE PARIS                   for the SAVOY HOTEL                                                                                                              2009
OVER THE ROOFS OF PARIS                                              digital C-Print on Plexi                                                                                2009




For a private indoor spa area  REIMANN

created an amazing atmosphere:
A Funk version of the  SCHOENBRUNN
castle.The installation measures  6 x 3 m  in
several panels  on a backlit  LED-wall. The
pool water serves as an additional reflection.



" SCHOENBRUNN "    2008 digital composition




        ANDREAS REIMANN                                                                                                     VISUALS        DIGITAL WORKS

          TREE OF LIFE                                                                                              digital C-Print on Plexi                                          2009