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“Viennese artist Andreas Reimann’s world of paintings between Warhol and Rauschenberg, but always clear Reimann, gives room for reflections about the media´s adoption of idols, about their wastage and their mystical essence”

Die Welt,11.january.2002

Andreas Reimann


I started painting in the United States of America. 1983, after graduating from highschool, I left Austria and went to South Carolina, Hilton Head Island. I had just started to study economics in Vienna, but I did not like it. So instead of listening to dull lectures, I worked in restaurants at the seaside as waiter, barkeeper or dishwasher. During winter, when there was not much to do in off-season, I started painting.



I had to and wanted to earn enough money to pay for my rent and food. I never thought about getting a professional art degree, because with the little financial support I had, it was never an option for me. That’s why I started as an autodidact.


Coincidently, an interior designer saw some of my first paintings and was amazed – and she was the one who gave me commissioned work. I started working as interior adviser, created concepts for apartments and made custom paintings to fit the spirit of the rooms we created.


This was a whole new experience, totally different to where I came from in Vienna: everything was full of colors compared to Vienna, where I remember everything was dark and grey. The 80’s in the USA were full of dashing colors: they used even peach carpets, colors like aqua and aubergine.


Also in my paintings then you would find these colors. Working for those interior concepts was like going back to school and getting paid – I learned a lot in these days and developed a good feeling for color combinations – something I had within me and had to be discovered. Almost simultaneously, I started to work in a pop-art spirit and things went smoothly into a new direction.


.. until I started to get involved with the subject Tina Turner. She was on tour in America and gave a concert in Columbia in 1987. So I decided to create a big portrait for her as a present. For the first time, I painted a large face with acrylics on canvas and it was a success: she presented my painting on stage in front of thousands of fans.


This was the day when I realized: If I get that reaction, I can be an artist. It just might work out fine.


It was an amazing experience and a huge motivation like a trigger. I was far from earning enough money with my art, but I had a vision. People in America told me: „You have talent man – use it.“ That’s what I took back to Europe.




In early 1989, I had the opportunity to present my paintings in Vienna at an exhibition. For that reason, I returned to Austria in December 1988 – with only 15 paintings and a few belongings. Being abroad for so long, I had to start again and I was optimistic, that it would work. I had made the decision to make my living as an artist, even though it meant starting from scratch and struggling.


But opportunities for exhibitions kept coming. In 1994 I started my own showroom, which introduced my art to a greater international audience. I was not pre or represented by a gallery system in Austria. I am proud to say that I was not „pushed“- no gallery or influencer put me on a pedestal – I did it on my own.


Starting with silk screen prints and adapting many forms of visual attractions, my mixed media works became my signature style.


I started to attend international exhibitions in other countries – for example, the project at the Hotel Savoy in Cologne came about. My network kept growing ever since and in 2000 I also returned to the USA. An exhibition at the World Stunt Awards Show in Los Angeles in 2001 gave me the chance to attract some more interested collectors.


Shows and representations in the south of France, Florida, California, Germany and Switzerland followed.



THE GIFT OF COMBINING –the working process

Andreas Reimann is a collector: the artist absorbs his environment carefully, recreates it and starts interpreting. Pop culture from all directions, aesthetic advertising, alienation – Reimann remixes his material like a DJ, he uses samples and brings icons into a new context.

1965 born in Vienna
autodidact: drawing, painting
1980 – 89 lives in the USA: “new life – you have talent man, use it”
1984 – 88 exhibitions throughout the South eastern USA
1987 portrait for Tina Turner, presentation on stage
1989 new studio in Vienna


Presentations at
1989 – 95 Interior Fair Vienna
1990 Castle Halbthurn
1991 Splendid Club Vienna
1992 Technical Museum Vienna


Commissioned works for: MEWA, TWI-Munich, Queen Anne Club Vienna
1994 – 96 Reimann’s showroom at Ringstrassen Galleries, Vienna
1996 – 97 Art Aqua Stuttgart, presentations in Cannes, Lyon, Salzburg
1997 Cebit Hannover
1998 Hofburg Vienna, teamwork with Tobias Hermeling
Life Ball in Vienna, collaboration with Jean Charles de Castelbajac
1998 – 1999 Ambiente Frankfurt
1999 “ROMY” Gala, Vienna

Hotel Savoy Cologne, installation at Divas Bar

Monroe Lounge, Velden/Wörthersee, Carinthia, Austria

permanent showings in Munich, Hamburg, Berlin

2000 “Visual Seduction”, Andreas Reimann Showroom, Vienna
fashion design prints with Birgit Bogusch
2001 Art Düsseldorf
World Stunt Awards Show, Los Angeles, USA
Boca Raton, Florida, USA
MARLENE 100 Berlins official Birthday salut to Marlene Dietrich
2002 DIESEL Art Exhibition at Diesel Store Vienna
live: Art Performance special in-store appearance Sept.13th Andreas Reimann creates unique designs for the Diesel customer and screenprints on Diesel shirts, jeans, etc.“KALACHAKRA” for World Peace, Graz, Austria
3 pieces of Andreas Reimann’s work participate in a special exhibition surrounded by the buddhist ritual in the presence of H.H.DALAI LAMA“LUXEWAYS DE MONACO” Monte Carlo Sporting Club: Andreas Reimann’s Presentation with Decorator EVELYNE PALUD of “UN LIEU” (St. Jean Cap Ferrat, France) attended by Princess Stephanie de MonacoMIAMI South Beach MINT presents ANDREAS REIMANN a special exhibition throughout the end of 2002 at Miami’s hottest nightclub

AUSTRIAN CULINARY EXPERIENCE Andreas Reimann hosts a dinner party at the newly decorated “JOHANNES” in Boca Raton with Austrian Food and Wine

2003 “SEDUCTION” in addition to paintings Andreas Reimann presents objects and
fabrics and suprises at his show in the south of France at GALERIE EVELYN PALUD BERGER in St.Jean Cap FerratMTV – RUSSIA pays a visit to the REIMANN FACTORY VIENNA
2005 – now Presentations and commissioned works in Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Germany, France and throughout the USA

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